5 Ways to Transform Your Chandelier with Magnetic Chandelier Crystals

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Chandeliers have historically been the focal point of most dining rooms and today’s homes are no exception. What started out as ornate fixtures representative of luxury and status and found only in the homes of the wealthy have morphed into a fixtures as common as the table lamp.  While extravagant chandeliers still adorn the homes of the rich and famous, less expensive designs are now common place in “builder’ homes and condominiums, custom-built homes, and over 50% of remodeled homes.  And while we still think of the traditional chandelier as an extravagant display of crystal decadence, modern chandeliers have taken on a more minimalist style.  It is this minimal style that makes the chandeliers of today such wonderful canvases for creativity! How can a chandelier be a “canvas” I hear you say? Iron-based fixtures ( think steel and wrought iron) make ideal candidates because they “play” well with magnets, specifically magnetically-tipped MagTrims®.

Today’s post will show you how to take a minimalist chandelier and dress it up to match your design style.  What sets this chandelier makeover apart from all others is that I will show you how to dress up the SAME fixture in multiple ways in less that 10 minutes.  Most importantly, you will NOT need a chest full of tools to execute the re-vamp. Magnetic Light Charms® will do the trick!

So without further ado….

I purchased this iron chandelier at Home Depot a few years ago when I moved into my new house.  I loved it’s elegant yet basic style and I liked the fact that it did NOT possess pre-attached crystals or other embellishments.  This fixture was and continues to be the perfect “canvas” through which I can display my “day to day” design creativity.  I realize that many people like the rustic, "unembellished" look but truth be told, it is fun to jazz things up once in a while!


23 24 A few weeks ago during the gloriously sunny month of April, I decided to embellish my fixture to match the warm feel of spring.  I chose to integrate MagTrim® smooth bead chandelier garland with a spring-themed ornament ( the pink lily basket). I also added a few magnetic dew drops and a magnetic chandelier crystal diamond in the center.  The whole process of embellishing this fixture took less that eight minutes!  Keep in mind that all of these adornments feature a magnetic tip so the only effort spent to decorate was simply “touching” the tip of the ornament/crystal to the metal frame of the chandelier.  I just let the magnet do the work! chandeliergiphy 20
A few days after my “pink” phase, I decided I wanted to try a more “floral” look so I added a set of the MagTrim® printed floral crystal.  I added just a splash of our traditional magnetic chandelier crystal and magnetic chandelier garland to give the fixture an elegant look. 14
With the summer season upon us, I recently updated the fixture to feature a few “coastal-specific” MagTrim® styles. I will be doing an entire post dedicated to summer fixtures so this chandelier represents just one variation of a coastal-themed chandelier. I easily attached these coastal magnetic chandelier ornaments with the simple "click" of a MagTrim® magnet.  It always amazes me how I can transform the SAME chandelier to match specific seasons!
21 16
Following the wonderful days of summer, I will most likely go back to adding the same MagTrims® that I used last fall.  Simply “clicking and sticking” these amber pendalogues and clear crystal spears will add just the right amount of elegance for the fall season.17 
And last but not least….. I love being able to INSTANTLY customize my fixture for a dinner event or social gathering.  I created this whimsical yet elegant fixture last winter when hosting a small wine tasting party.  One again, the brilliance of the magnetic MagTrims® made bedazzling this fixture quick and easy ( and fun)! 18
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