How to Decorate Your Chandelier for the Holidays Using Magnetic Chandelier Ornaments

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We all love to decorate the home during the holidays but often times our chandeliers and dining room fixtures get left out of the "decorating" extravaganza.  However, magnetic chandelier ornaments from MagTrim® have significantly changed the holiday decorating landscape.  Outfitted with a super strong magnet, these holiday ornaments attach to metal fixtures such as chandeliers rather than Christmas trees.  Why should the mantel and tree get all of the attention?  With magnetic chandelier ornaments, chandeliers, lamps, lampshades and pendants can be easily and instantly dressed up to match your holiday decor.  MagTrims® new "printed crystals" also had a unique flare to everyday chandeliers and lighting fixtures. Embellish with HAPPY HOLIDAYS or MERRY XMAS crystal ornaments to create spectacular fixtures! Or simply choose to add one of MagTrims® many holiday themes ornaments to a deserving fixture!





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