Patent Information

Our Patents

Light Charms ®, MagTrimsTM and MagTrim TechnologyTM are protected under US Patent #7,217,014 and US Patent #7,806,568B. Use of this technology in the manufacturing of lighting, home décor, or event-related products ( cake/cupcake stands) is STRICTLY prohibited. Manufacturers and resellers of items incorporating such technology that are NOT legally licensed with MagTrim Designs LLC will be prosecuted to the full extent of the laws governing intellectual property rights in the United States of America.

Patent Enforcement

Items incorporating Magtrim technology ( i.e ornaments, crystals, and other embellishments adorned with a hanging magnetic tip) that are NOT distributed by MagTrim Designs directly, licensed by MagTrim Designs LLC or MagTrims Designs' official re-sellers are NOT covered by MagTrim’s product warranty or product quality guarantee.

Manufacturers, retailers, and distributors determined to be selling magnetic crystals/ornaments NOT sold by or manufactured by MagTrim Designs Inc will also be prosecuted to the full extent of the laws governing intellectual property rights in the United States of America.

Why We Care!

Why do we care about protecting our intellectual property rights?  Because we worked arduously to create, develop, and ultimately manufacture the "magnetic attachment" concept that you see on the market today .  As the pioneers of the application of hanging crystal embellishments and ornaments to metal surfaces, we take "copycats" and forgery very seriously.   We recognize that attaching magnets to hanging "adornments" is not rocket science, but it's uniqueness and the value that it adds to the world of lighting, interior decorating, and event decorating make it an idea worth protecting.  Licensing rights are made available to manufacturers on a case by case basis.

Food For Thought...

MagTrim Designs LLC takes great pride in the manufacturing of the magnets that are used in the design of our “magnetic” ornaments. MagTrim’s beveled magnet design allows our embellishments to attach to metal surface’s in a “flush, concealed manner. In addition, MagTrims magnetic “charms” feature a magnet size that is specific to the ornament/crystal that it is attached to. Larger ornaments (those with weights over 5 oz) are equipped with a 10 mm magnet to ensure that the ornament/crystal securely attaches to the fixture being decorated. Our smaller designs, such as our mini crystals and ornaments, are outfitted with a smaller, 6 mm magnet. This allows for “discreet” attachment to surfaces with very little “magnet” visibility on the fixture. These continued innovations in "magtrim technology" serve as a reminder that we are constantly creating and dreaming of ways to make interior and event "decorating" simpler, less time consuming, and just simply more fun!