What type of magnet is used in the manufacturing of a MagTrim?
The magnet used in the creation of a MagTrim is called a rare earth neodymium magnet. This magnet is specifically a strong, high-quality neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) magnet. Our neodymium magnets are made with the world's most advanced magnetic materials.

How do MagTrim magnets differ from refrigerator magnets?
Our magnets are constructed using an entirely different magnetic material than what is used in a “fridge” magnet. Because they are neodymium magnets,MagTrim magnets can support weight of up to 1 lb!

What types of metals will a MagTrim attach to?
MagTrims instantly adhere to iron based metals such as steel, wrought iron, cast iron, and nickel.

What types of metals will a  MagTrim NOT attach to?
MagTrims will NOT attach to bronze, copper, tin, aluminum, or brass.

Will the MagTrim magnet ever lose its “magnetism?”
No. NdFeB magnets like those used in a MagTrim will ONLY lose their magnetism if exposed to a high temperature of 1414 °F.

How big is the magnet that is affixed to the tip of a MagTrim?
We use various sizes of magnets depending on the charm. Mini charms feature a magnet that is 4mm in diameter while our ornaments and medium sized crystals feature a 6mm diameter magnet. Our two heaviest designs, a 40 mm ball and 4 inch Estate Pendant feature a 10 mm magnet! The larger the crystal, the larger the magnet.

Will the magnets on my MagTrims rust?
No. Our neodymium magnets are plated in nickel, which is a rust-proof metal.

How do I clean my crystal or glass MagTrims?
We advise using a damp cloth to wipe the charm clean. We have heard reports of customers "sticking" their charms in the dishwasher (they “stick” to the metal racks in the washer) but we do not recommend this method of cleaning!

Do you create “custom” designs?
Yes. We would be happy to manufacture a design that meets your specific design criteria. You will simply need to send us a photo, sample, or illustration showing your design and specify the material you would like used to create your design. We have a 250 piece minimum for all custom designs, and a 50% deposit must be submitted before production can begin. Please contact us for quote.