5 Ways to Transform your Farmhouse Chandelier...in Seconds!

January 01, 2019

5 Ways to Transform your Farmhouse Chandelier...in Seconds!

We all have these fixtures.  It could be a chandelier or a kitchen pendant or even a bathroom vanity light.  Whatever the room, the odds are high that you have a farmhouse fixture or chandelier that deserves to be "bedazzled." 


I decided to dress up a rustic, farmhouse-style chandelier that sits above my dining room table.  I love this chandelier but it's simplicity can sometimes be, let's just say, boring.  Farmhouse style, by design, is intended to be clean and simple.  But I am a "glam" girl so I love to take the "clean and simple" and amp up the sparkle. This chandelier is also unique in that it does not have any holes through which to actually hang traditional crystal chandelier garland.  Trying to string traditional chandelier garland strands would take hours on a fixture like this!  Thankfully, I will be using magnetic chandelier garland strands.

Bland Farmhouse Chandelier


The beauty of magnetic chandelier crystal garland is the fact the magnets will simply "click" onto any area of this fixture because it is an iron fixture. The magnets give me the freedom to embellish ANYWHERE on the fixture.  In addition, I am able to attach the chandelier garland QUICKLY and without blemishing the surface of the fixture. Pretty amazing!

 MagTrim® crystal garland


In the examples below, I decided to pair the clear, crystal octagon garland style with magnetic amber chandelier crystals and various other magnetic clear chandelier crystal styles.

MagTrim® crystal garland

MagTrim® Magnetic Chandelier Crystal Garland

 MagTrim® Magnetic Chandelier Clear Crystal GarlandA few weeks after dressing up this fixture  with amber-themed crystals, I decided to change the look and added magnetic clear round bead chandelier garland along with a few spring-themed magnetic crystals and ornaments.

MagTrim® crystal garland

MagTrim® Magnetic Chandelier Garland and Magnetic Spring-Themed Ornaments - Take 2

MagTrim® Magnetic Chandelier Crystal Strands

During the summer months, I like to get playful by adding magnetic pearl garland strands.  Paired with the magnetic Swarovski starfish and shell prism crystals, the look is unique yet elegant.

MagTrim® crystal garland

MagTrim® Magnetic Chandelier Pearl Garland

Life would not be complete ( my life anyway) without being able to makeover this fixture for the holidays. Thankfully, MagTrim® has an entire line of holiday-inspired magnetic garland that is perfect for adding that extra touch of holiday flair to a fixture.

MagTrim® crystal garland

MagTrim® Magnetic Chandelier Holiday Garland

My favorite version of this fixture turned out to be the fall-inspired, grape-themed fixture.  Created in just seconds, it is elegant yet festive at the same time.

MagTrim® crystal garland


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