10 Elegant Living Room Lighting Ideas

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10 Elegant Living Room Lighting Ideas


Your living room is one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s the place where everyone comes together at the end of the day to put their feet up and relax. So, whether you’re watching a movie with family or having a glass of wine with friends, the living room will take center stage!


You probably don’t need us to tell you that it’s essential you get the lighting right in such an important room. And, with the perfect lighting fixtures, you can really bring a space together, by setting the tone, ambience and atmosphere of the room and complementing the style of the décor.


It could be a statement fixture that catches people’s eye as they walk in, layered lighting that helps you set the right mood on any occasion, or a more creative lighting solution that adds glamor to your space. Either way, there are plenty of ways for you to light up your living room! 


If you’re looking for some elegant living room lighting ideas, we have 10 that will help your space shine that bit brighter.


1.    Select A Centerpiece Chandelier


One of the best ways to brighten up your living room is to add a statement light fitting. By hanging a lighting centerpiece in the middle of the room, you create symmetry and introduce an attractive focal point.


A great option to go for is a chandelier! They add a touch of glam to any room, no matter what style or décor you’ve gone for. Whether you want a traditional chandelier or something more modern and sculptural, the options are limitless when purchasing through many online lighting retailers. In fact, we curated a selection of our TOP 10 Living Room Chandeliers of 2021. Click HERE to view that post!


Once you purchase your living room chandelier and you really make it pop, it’s easy to add your own finishing touch with magnetic chandelier crystals, magnetic pendants, or magnetic beads and garland.


2.    Layer With Functional Lighting


You can’t just have one lighting fixture in your living room. Remember that this is a space that must be cozy on some nights, bright on others, and inviting always! So, you’ll need to layer your lighting.


This will help to illuminate all levels of the room. Not only does this look good, it also helps to make your living room more functional. If you’re curling up with a book before bed, you’d be better served with a good lamp by the bookcase than the main chandelier illuminating the room overhead.


We suggest including lamps or wall lighting into your living room lighting “mix”– whatever will help you achieve the balance between elegance and functionality that you need!


3.    Mix And Match Your Fixtures


Whether or not you choose to have a lighting centerpiece with functional lighting, it’s important that you match the fixtures you do have. You don’t want them to clash.


That’s not to say that you must go with exactly the same color scheme, pattern, and style with every fitting. You could opt for a coordinating theme ,or find different lighting options that complement the furniture and décor you already have in the room. This will help to make your space look more balanced and thoughtfully designed.


You can also go with a more mix-and-match approach! Try mixing around your lamp’s shades and bases, to see if any unexpected combinations go. You may also wish to add a selection of magnetic lamp shade crystals onto your lamp shades in order to help them coordinate with your chandelier.


4.    Add A Touch Of Magic With Fairy Lights


If you’re looking for a super quick and easy way to make your living room look more elegant, then fairy lights are ideal!


They can complement a wide array of different light fixtures and add a welcoming glow to any room. So, try stringing up some micro lights, globe lights, or even crystal fairy lights to create instant ambiance and warmth.


Or, put a string of fairy lights into a mason jar to make a decorative, homemade lamp! Stand it on a side table or put a selection together on your coffee table for ultimate impact.


5.    Use Wall Lights For A Warm Undertone


To add even more warmth with an extra splash of sophistication, consider wall lights. Also known as sconces, you can get wall lights that will blend with just about any style.


They also pair well with centerpiece lighting. We recommend plain sconces that can be easily dressed up with magnetic chandelier crystals. This will allow them to complement your living room chandelier. If you select more decorative wall lighting, chances are you’ll end up with a busy-looking living room, which just isn’t conducive to downtime.


Remember, if you are opting for a sculptural centerpiece or one that is dripping in gorgeous crystals, you want that to be the thing that grabs people’s attention!


6.    Spotlight Your Favorite Features


If you have homeware accessories on display that you really want to show off, you can use stick-on spotlights. They’re easy to use, and they look great! Because, really, what’s the point in investing in fabulous pieces if you can’t show them off?


You can also use spotlights as your main lighting source,or use them alongside your centerpiece to create a new layer of light. However, this is a much more involved process. You’ll need the help of an electrician to install the lights in your ceiling and ensure they function as they should.


7.    Let Lamps Be The Standout


Every living room should have at least one lamp. They give you far more flexibility and choice in how your space is lit, which is a necessity in a room that has to be so versatile! 


So, since they’re that important, why not let your lamps be the main attraction?


It’s easy to do, too. There are so many different types of lamp, from standing lamps and table lamps to arc lamps and chandelier lamps, all available in whatever style and color you need.

 Plus, there’s no tricky installation, so you don’t have to bring anyone else in when you spruce up your living room with lamps. Simply decide which you want to use, arrange them however you’d like, and customize the ones that need a bit of extra appeal.  If you haven’t yet had a chance, check out our blog post entitled Our Top 20 Living Room Lamp Ideas for 2021. You will most certainly get some great living room lamp ideas from this post!


8.    Put Focus On Your Furniture With A Pendant Light


If you want to use your living room ceiling lighting to draw attention to another feature, you can use pendant lights.


By centering a pendant light over, say, a coffee table or seating area in your living room, you make that area feel more inviting. So, if you like your living room to be a social setting, this will help to create a cozier, more intimate atmosphere in the right area of the room.


Depending on how the rest of the room is designed and decorated, you might prefer this pendant light to be more minimalist. Or, if you want something bolder, you could easily embellish your pendant light with magnetic chandelier crystals. As long as your pendant light is metal, magnetic crystals and garland can easily and instantly  be attached to add a touch of sparkle and glam. This will allow you to transform your pendant light into a statement lighting fixture itself, whether that be by virtue of its design or through your own unique customizations.  


9.    Make Your Room Feel More Laid Back With a Lantern Pendant


If you’re a big fan of candle lighting, then why not take that laid-back vibe up a level with a lantern pendant light. They might seem a bit heavy-duty for your elegant living room, but actually, if you select the right style and color they can blend in beautifully with more refined design features. Not sure which type or color of lantern lighting will work in your living room space?  Check out our post on our Top 10 Most Elegant Lantern Pendants of 2021


The romantic glow of candlelight to your living room space by accessorizing with tabletop lanterns. These small but powerful lighting features are often overlooked for their electrica, hanging cousins: the lantern pendants. But tabletop lanterns with accompanying candles can add just that extra touch of elegance your living room needs. Simply light a candle inside each one, or put fairy lights in them to create an additional layer of soft, intimate lighting for your living room.


10. Bring Vintage Character To A Contemporary Space


Traditional or “vintage” chandeliers are not just for the old-style rooms in your house. In fact, you can make your living room look super chic by contrasting contemporary décor with a striking vintage chandelier!


Now, you might be a little hesitant to inject so much glitz into a room that has more modern touches. But, if you get the balance right, then a decorative Victorian chandelier can provide an eye-catching contrast that will elevate both the character and coziness of your room. 

Now, vintage chandeliers are somewhat tough to come by when shopping at your average online or “brick and mortar” retailer. These fixtures will need to be procured by visiting local antique malls, estate sales, or online auction sites. However, we have created an easy way to re-create a vintage chandelier by simply incorporating and attaching magnetic chandelier crystals from our “Vintage Collection” onto a basic chandelier frame.  This will also allow you to create a vintage look without the “vintage” price tag.


Need help creating your next elegant living room lighting fixture? MagTrim® is here to help!  Our design concierge service is here to help you choose properly coordinated magnetic chandelier crystals for your lighting fixtures. Message us through our chat system or shoot us an email.  We can’t wait to see your “statement piece!”

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