4.5" WOOD TASSEL PENDANT - CORAL  - Magnetic Chandelier Ornament - (Set/3) OR (Set/6)
4.5" WOOD TASSEL PENDANT - CORAL - Magnetic Chandelier Accessory - (Set/3) OR (Set/6) - MagTrim Designs LLC
4.5" WOOD TASSEL PENDANT - CORAL  - Magnetic Chandelier Ornament - (Set/3) OR (Set/6)
4.5" WOOD TASSEL PENDANT - CORAL - Magnetic Chandelier Accessory - (Set/3) OR (Set/6) - MagTrim Designs LLC

4.5" WOOD TASSEL PENDANT - CORAL - Magnetic Chandelier Ornament - (Set/3) OR (Set/6)

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Instantly convert your existing lighting fixture into a BOHO style beauty with..

Set/3 or Set/6 - 4.5" Wood Tassel Pendant - Coral 


✔️   Dimensions of Pendant: 1.5" W x 4.5" H
✔️   Material: Rosewood + Natural Jute  

✔️   Magnet Color: Chrome. Pin Color:  Chrome

✔️   Each Charm Outfitted With MagTrim's® Patented, Super Strength Magnet for Instant Attachment to Your Chandelier!  


Say goodbye to your bland chandelier and hello to SPARKLE!  Adding these magnetic chandelier crystals to your chandeliers, pendants, or lamps takes JUST SECONDS and will allow you to INSTANTLY update AND upgrade your lighting…without having to replace your fixture! No need to hire that electrician to replace your fixture!  Save time and money with MagTrim®!


MagTrim® magnets will INSTANTLY adhere to most* metal chandeliers and pendants, specifically those comprised of STEEL, IRON, or NICKEL. MagTrim® magnets will NOT stick to Brass or Aluminum fixtures.


✔️ Most lamp shades are manufactured with a steel, wire frame!  This makes lamp shades the PERFECT place to hang MagTrim® magnetic crystals and ornaments!

✔️ MagTrim’s can be used to customize your lighting fixtures to match your interior décor style.  

✔️ Want to change the look of your fixture for the holidays or to match a season? No Problem!  Easily remove the crystals when you want to change your “look” and add MagTrim’s seasonal styles!

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    How much weight will a MagTrim® magnet hold?

    Because we manufacture various sizes of crystals ( some are over 13 oz in weight), we utilize (4) different sizes of magnets.  We utilize 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, and 10 mm magnets in all of our MagTrim® designs as determined by the size of the crystal or ornament. The smaller the magnet, the smaller the crystal or ornament it will be attached to.  Our largest, 10 mm magnet, will support up to 1 lb of weight when attached to a SECURE surface.

    What types of metals will a MagTrim® attach to?
    MagTrims® instantly adhere to iron based metals such as iron, nickel, cobalt and tin as well as alloys such as steel.
    What types of metals will a MagTrim® NOT attach to?
    MagTrims® will NOT attach to bronze, copper, aluminum, or brass. 
    Will the MagTrim® magnet ever lose its “magnetism?”
    No. NdFeB magnets like those used in a MagTrim® will ONLY lose their magnetism if exposed to a high temperature of 1414 °F.  
    Will the magnets on my MagTrims® rust?
    No. Our neodymium magnets are plated in nickel, which is corrosion resistant.However, we recommend keeping MagTrim® crystals and ornaments out of high humidity situations so as to minimize the risk of corrosion.
    How do I clean my crystal or glass MagTrims®?
    We advise using a damp cloth to wipe the charm clean. We have heard reports of customers "sticking" their MagTrims® in the dishwasher (they “stick” to the metal racks in the washer) but we do not recommend this method of cleaning! 

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    Don't Forget!

    MagTrim's feature a patented MAGNETIC TIP! Simply touch to metal and they instantly stick!