How To Transform Any Room With A Statement Chandelier

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Chandeliers are wonderful things. As stunning as they are practical, they can help upgrade just about any room in your house, no matter how it’s been decorated or what furniture you have in there.

By introducing chandeliers, you can make each room a standout in its own right. Plus, by using chandeliers throughout the home, you can make the décor of the whole feel far more cohesive, even if you’ve gone for different styles in different rooms. 

Just remember that you shouldn’t be scared of making a statement! Chandeliers can be bold and beautiful, and they have the potential to add something really exciting to any space, whether that be the bedroom or even your bathroom.

Here, we’ve pulled together some advice that will help you transform any room in your house with a striking chandelier.

 Choosing A Statement Chandelier

Before we get onto upgrading individual rooms, you will first have to find and buy the right chandeliers for your space.

You can get chandeliers of all types, and in just about any color and size you could want! But, while this does give you plenty of opportunity to get your choice of light fitting spot on, it can be difficult knowing how to pick the perfect chandelier. This is particularly true if you’re looking to add that touch of glam to most rooms.

To narrow down the dizzying array of choices, it’s important that you get a few things absolutely right.

For one thing, you have to get the sizing right. Anything too big will overwhelm the room and make it look too busy. Something too small will get swallowed.

You also must make sure that the style of the chandelier you choose matches the style of the room it goes in. This is a light fitting that is going to be draw people’s eye. So, it cannot clash.

Have a think about what might work best. If, for example, one of your rooms is minimalist, then a pared back, modern feature would be ideal. For a bohemian setting, you could opt for a rattan chandelier or something with tassels. When doing up a grand or elegant space, then a glass or crystal chandelier would really help tie together the look of the place.


Magnetic Crystals For Chandeliers


Chandeliers can get expensive, particularly if you want something designer or bespoke. But not to worry, because there is a way of making your chandelier look truly spectacular at a fraction of the cost.


With MagTrim’s magnetic crystals for chandeliers, you can upgrade the look and feel of a chandelier in seconds, without breaking the bank. You can also get magnetic wood and tassel accents for more rustic chandeliers, as well as holiday accents if you want to give your chandelier a seasonal look.


Simply buy the accents you want, decide where you want them to go, and attach them to the flat metal surface of your chandelier. There’s no need for tools. With MagTrim’s innovative technology, they will instantly stick.


You can really make a chandelier work for you and the room it’s in with magnetic crystals, beads, and tassels!


Hallway Chandelier


A hallway might not be everyone’s first choice for a lighting makeover, but don’t forget that it’s the very first thing your guests see when they step through your front door. And first impressions count.


So, if your hallway is looking a little dark or dull, then a statement chandelier would be the perfect way to lift it. Try one in a color that will add that bit of extra light to the area, such as white or gold. This will give your hallway a warm, spacious look that is sure to make people feel right at home. 


And, if your hallway is wide and has high ceilings, then you can go full glam! But, don’t be tempted to go too big if you just don’t have the space – you don’t want it to feel cramped. Plus, it’s perfectly possible to make a statement with something smaller by using magnetic accents.


Dining Room Chandelier


The dining room is where you entertain your guests. As such, it really is the perfect spot for a chandelier!


Hang your chandelier directly above the dining table, making sure it is properly centered. Together, the dining table and light fitting will become the center of attention, while the rest of the room will be bathed in warm, welcoming light. This is important for both practical and aesthetic purposes. You see, not only do you want your room to look hospitable and intimate, but you also have to be able to see the food you’re eating.


To make your stylish dining room look even more elegant, pair your larger lighting fixtures with delicate candlelight, either from tealights or a candelabra. This will look especially beautiful if your chandelier has glass accents, because they’ll catch the flicker of the flames.


Kitchen Chandelier


From the dining room to the kitchen, this is another room that will look great with a chandelier. And, you can afford to be a little bit more adventurous with the kitchen, too. There’s likely to be more going on than in the dining room, with cookbooks, crockery, and appliances displayed on the countertops. As such, you don’t need to go for something quite so sophisticated.


You could, instead, pick something that really stands out. For example, something super sculptural or one that has plenty of sparkle! If you get the styling just right, your statement chandelier will help to elevate the décor of the rest of the room.


But it’s not just the look that matters. Getting the actual lighting right in the kitchen is really important as well. You need different layers to ensure that your kitchen is both functional and attractive. So, make sure that the chandelier you opt for will look good with any task lights, accent lights, or ambient lights that you use.


Bedroom Chandelier


Your bedroom is likely to be one of your favorite rooms. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s the perfect place for a bit of “you” time, where you can get away and relax at the end of a long day. So, it only makes sense to give it the love and attention it deserves with a super chic chandelier!


Make your bedroom really feel like the main event with a grand crystal light fixture. Or, if you want something a bit less extravagant that still oozes sophistication, you could go for a tiered chandelier in a color that complements the room’s walls or soft furnishings.


However, if you feel as though the room isn’t quite big enough for an oversized statement, there are smaller, more minimalistic options that will make your bedroom feel oh-so very cozy. And, remember, you can always customize a plainer light fixture as you see fit with a thoughtfully selected set of magnetic accents.


Bathroom Chandelier


A lot of people never even consider putting a chandelier in their bathroom, and we think that’s a real shame! Because, with a tasteful chandelier, you can really amp up the luxury factor of your bubble bath. It’s perfect if you want to feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman every time you go for a soak.


Consider buying a chandelier that has a playful take on water, for example one with flowing beads or rods. Or, get a coastal chandelier that incorporates the colors and aesthetic of a day at the beach.


Just keep in mind that any chandelier that goes in your bathroom will have to meet certain safety requirements. So, stay on the lookout for the appropriate UL Listing when you’re browsing for the perfect bathroom chandelier. If you find one that you love that’s marked as “Suitable For Damp Locations” or “Suitable For Wet Locations,” then it will be fine to hang in the bathroom.


Living Room Chandelier


There is so much you can do with the décor of your living room. You can make it super slick and modern, exceptionally sophisticated, or do it up with a theme. However, as the place where people gather together in the evenings to put their feet up and watch a movie, it always needs to be cozy.


To help you achieve this, it’s a good idea to layer the lighting in your living room, as with the kitchen. Use your chandelier as the main source of light, and place lamps on side tables or by bookcases to help illuminate specific pockets of the room. This will allow you to set the perfect lighting for any situation.


And, if you were looking for a way to make each light fixture work in harmony with the others, you can customize them. Buy crystals or other accessories that you can easily affix to both your overhead chandelier and your lamps, to make the whole room work together as one. 


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