Easily Create Festive Fall Lighting Fixtures with Magnetic Chandelier Crystals

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Fall is a wonderful time for decorating and it especially rewarding to create gorgeous fall tablescapes.  However, often times the lighting fixture above the table (and subsequent tablescape) often gets overlooked. I attribute this to the fact that it is often time-consuming and painfully tedious to try to embellish fixtures such as chandeliers with ornaments intended to be hung or strung from a mantel.  Luckily MagTrim® has created crystals ( and holiday ornaments) that feature a magnetic tip so enhancing your "naked" chandelier or pendant just got a million times easier. With the simple click of a magnet, these affordable treasures can be hung from just about any location on a chandelier, lamp shade, or pendant light so long as the substrate is an iron-based metal ( think steel, wrought iron, and nickel-based fixtures...and of course lamp shade rims).  MagTrims magnetic crystals attach in seconds but would you like to know the best part of all?  They are not permanent!  After your Thanksgiving feast, you can quickly remove your autumn-themed magnetic embellishments and replace with MagTrim® magnetic holiday-inspired chandelier ornaments.  We will leave that decorating topic for another post.  Until then, I hope that these design ideas inspire you to do more with your dining room lighting fixtures AND centerpiece displays.



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