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FREE Ground Shipping = Orders $75 or More! FREE Gift With Purchase = Orders $99 or More!

FREE Ground Shipping = Orders $75 or More! FREE Gift With Purchase = Orders $99 or More!


6.5" BLUE CRYSTAL BEAD TASSEL (Set/3) MAGNETIC CHANDELIER ORNAMENT - Magnetic Chandelier Accessory TrimKit®

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6.5" BLUE CRYSTAL BEAD TASSEL - Magnetic Chandelier Ornament  (Box of 3) 

  • SIZE: 6.5" (H) x 1" (W)
  • MATERIAL: Silk
  • TASSELS ARE NOT JUST FOR YOUR CURTAINS ANYMORE! - Spice up your interior decor by adding these unique MAGNETIC TASSELS to home decor accents such as chandeliers, lamp shades, pendant lights, and more!
  • BOHO STYLE!  - Easily and Instantly Create Your Own BOHO-Inspired Lighting Fixture!
  • PATENTED MAGNETIC TIP - A tiny but surprisingly strong magnet INSTANTLY secures this ornament to any iron-based metal surface, such as chandeliers, pendant lights, lamp shades (these have metal rims), vanity lights, wall sconces, candleabras, and even faux Christmas trees!
  • SAVE TIME - Stop hassling with wire, ribbon, or glue.  These magnetic ornaments make decorating your fixtures quick and easy!  Just hold the tip of the MagTrim® to metal and it instantly sticks. 
  • CUSTOMIZE - Create lighting fixtures and home accents that match your seasonal (and holiday) design style. 
  • ENDLESS VERSATILITY -  You don't need holes in your fixtures or home accents to attach these ornaments! Simply attach anywhere you have a metal surface.

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