12" CRYSTAL OCTAGON GARLAND - CLEAR (Box of 3) Magnetic Chandelier Crystal Strands


12" CLEAR OCTAGON BEAD CRYSTAL CHAIN - (3) 12" Strands per Box

  • BRILLIANT, MACHINE CUT CRYSTAL - These chandelier crystal strands are manufactured with only the HIGHEST quality, optically pure, Asfour® crystal components.
  • PATENTED MAGNETIC TIP - A tiny but surprisingly strong magnet INSTANTLY secures each end of the chandelier crystal strand to any iron-based metal surface, such as chandeliers, pendant lights, lamp shades (these have metal rims), vanity lights, wall sconces, candleabras, and so much more.
  • SAVE TIME - Stop hassling with wire, ribbon, or glue.  These magnetic chandelier crystal strands make decorating your fixtures quick and easy!  Just hold each tip of the MagTrim® crystal strand to metal and they instantly stick. 
  • SAVE MONEY - Don't spend money on a new lamp, pendant or chandelier!  Instantly rejuvenate and transform your current fixtures by adding MagTrims®  and create a crystal chandelier in seconds!
  • CUSTOMIZE - Create the fixture that YOU want! Dress your fixtures to match your design style or simply use this magnetic chandelier garland to enhance your fixtures for a special occasion or holiday.
  • ENDLESS VERSATILITY -  You don't need holes in your fixture to attach these chandelier crystal chains! Simply attach anywhere you have a metal surface.
  • CHANDELIER REPLACEMENT CRYSTALS - Perfect for use on those fixtures that are "missing" crystals. These elegantly beaded, chandelier crystal strands simply "click and stick" to the metal area where your missing crystal garland used to hang.
Total dimensions of each magnetic crystal strand: 12" LENGTH
Total length when strands connected: 3 feet

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