Save time and money by accenting your next event with MagTrim's sparkling MAGNETIC embellishments.

MagTrims’s allow for INSTANT customization of metal accents such as candleabras, chandeliers, cupcake and cake stands, wedding trellises and so much more. NO GLUING OR PINNING IS NECESSARY! MagTrims simply CLICK and STICK! Create instant beaded curtains with MagTrim’s magnetic garland or personalize your next event with MagTrim’s custom printed monogrammed or logo crystal. From traditional crystal designs to printed crystal designs, MagTrims have you covered for your next event. And don’t forget:  MagTrim’s proprietary "beveled" magnets cleanly blend in with the accents they are attached to.  In addition, our three unique magnet designs are created to support specific weights ( some up to 2 lbs) so your magnetically-designed creations are always secure.