Our Philosophy

At MagTrim Designs, we strive to create products that help to nurture the burgeoning interior decorator within all of us. Our “magnetic” products are made to give you the power to TRANSFORM your lighting fixtures into elegant home décor accents while at the same time affording you the FREEDOM to change this look in a matter of seconds. Equally important, both MagTrims and Shade Charms allow you to REJUVENATE old fixtures, sparing fixtures such as chandeliers or lamp shades from the land fill and instead infusing them with new life. All of this is made possible with the simple “click” of a magnet.

MagTrim Designs is also a proud believer and supporter of environmental sustainability. Our glass charms are created using recycled glass components while our “charm” packaging is created using only recycled paper products. To further support sustainability, MagTrim Designs donates a percentage of its yearly sales to charities and non-profit organizations dedicated to the preservation of the natural environment.
We encourage our customers to recycle our packaged products and to use our "charms" to give "new life"  to lighting fixtures and home/event accents.