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FREE Ground Shipping = Orders $75 or More! FREE Gift With Purchase = Orders $99 or More!

FREE Ground Shipping = Orders $75 or More! FREE Gift With Purchase = Orders $99 or More!

The Mom

Colleen (aka Mom) embodies what it means to be creative, innovative, and persistent. Back in 2006, Colleen purchased a gorgeous, five arm, “farmhouse” style chandelier for her new home. Unfortunately, after getting the fixture home and hung perfectly above her dining room table, Mom quickly realized that the fixture needed a little “pizazz.” Unfortunately, this fixture lacked pre-drilled holes through which traditional crystals could be hung.  After months of research, Mom determined that a magnet was the tool needed in order to secure her crystals onto her iron lighting fixture!

The Magnet

For Mom's new invention, not just any magnet would do. Refrigerator magnets were too weak and industrial magnets were too strong. After working with various magnet manufacturers across the globe, Mom was able to create a unique, single-unit magnet design from a material known as neodymium. This beveled magnet was specifically developed to "blend in" with the surface of a chandelier. She attached the magnet to her favorite crystal design and MagTrim® technology was officially born. Mom eventually created 4 different magnet sizes that would support the weight of very large and heavy crystals as well as standard sized glass and crystal ornaments. 

The Daughter

Cynthia ( aka The Daughter ) With a background in both marketing and physical science, Cynthia was able to easily turn her mom's idea into a uniquely designed, patented, retail-ready product. I love coastal style ( I am a CA girl through and through) and I especially love being able to easily and instantly transform my lighting fixtures to match my beach-themed home decor. As the current CEO of MagTrim Designs, I continue to work with a wonderful team of designers and innovators to develop unique magnetic ornament and magnetic chandelier crystal designs. Being able to work with my mom is a dream come true as we both share a passion for interior design and DIY decorating. 

The Dog

The newest addition to the MagTrim® family is Phoebe, our gorgeous Golden that was rescued from a family who could no longer care for her. She has been a part of our team since 2019 and continues to make us smile everyday. She loves long walks on the beach and loves to give kisses to anyone she meets. We secretly believe that she thinks she is a human and so we treat her like royalty :)