cindypic2-blackandwhite First and foremost, I want to say hello and thank you for taking the time to visit this creative outlet I call a "design blog."  My goal is to help you, the DIY decorator, discover how to affordably and quickly transform living spaces by simply "dressing up" the fixtures within those spaces.  So many blogs today focus on updating spaces by laboriously painting walls, spending thousands on "new" furniture or lighting fixtures, or investing in total room renovations.   My goal is to show you how to EASILY and INEXPENSIVELY create the interior look you want, whether it be in the home or at an event/wedding venue. A few details about me:  I am inventor, entrepreneur, and a lover of all things "elegantly" pretty.  I admire truly inspirational interior design and secretly long to immerse myself in the world of event planning.  I somehow possess dual BS degrees in Interior Design and Marine Biology ( yes, I realize that there is absolutely zero correlation between these disciplines but sometimes you just need to follow your passions in life).  In 2005, my plans to pursue interior design full time were "sidetracked" by my creative mother.  "Mom" is the inventor of "magnetic crystals" (magnetically-tipped chandelier crystals and seasonal ornaments ) and in 2005 I jumped head first into the world of patents, marketing, and business ownership.  As the current CEO of MagTrim Designs,  I continue to work with a wonderful team of designers and innovators to develop unique "magnetic ornament" designs. I genuinely love to decorate and am constantly "transforming" my living spaces by utilizing magnetic crystals and ornaments.  I can't wait to share these creative and inexpensive decorating ideas with you! My second "life" is spent adventure cycling ( riding a bicycle unsupported across thousands of miles of random countries). My adventures in multi-continent bike riding can be viewed by visiting www.xcountrybikingdivia.com.    A word of warning: Be prepared for some adventurous reading :) 2018 will see the release of my first book, "How to Build this: Adventures in Entrepreneurship." I believe that life, whether it is business or pleasure, is fraught with hurdles, obstacles, and glorious adventures and it is how we navigate this journey that determines who we are as individuals. Now let's get creative!!