January 01, 2014

Magnetic Crystals on Recessed Lighting - Magnetic Crystals on Ceiling Fans

Magnetic crystals and ornaments make a great addition to any recessed lighting fixture.  Many canned lights are outfitted with a "plate" that is comprised of either aluminum or steel.  MagTrim's magnetic ornaments and crystals are able to instantly enhance those can/recessed lights that are made of steel.  You can test the "can" around your recessed light by holding a refrigerator magnet to the surface. If it sticks, you are good to go and on your way to embellishing with magnetic ornaments!  Recessed lighting is not the most elegant of lighting fixtures so adding a bit of holiday "cheer" to these fixtures is well worth the effort.  In under 60 seconds you can easily transform a bland ceiling fixture into a fun and festive showpiece. 

Click to view the Magnetic Ornaments featured on this fixture: 

Ceiling fans can also be "trimmed" for the holidays with magnetic ornaments from MagTrim. The base of most ceiling fans is outfitted with a steel-based plate and this "plate" marks the perfect location to hang magnetic ornaments!  Simply click and stick magnetic ornaments to the base of the ceiling fan and take this fixture from bland to holiday grand in seconds! 

Click to view the Magnetic Ornaments featured on this fixture: 


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