Quick and Easy Valentines Day Decorating Ideas That Will Make Your Home Sparkle

February 06, 2018

Quick and Easy Valentines Day Decorating Ideas That Will Make Your Home Sparkle

Valentines day is always a fun holiday because it represents love and romance. Most people turn to crafty paper cutouts, foam ornaments, and candy hearts as their “go-to” Valentines Day decorations. Although these types of decorations can be festive, they can tend to be fairly mundane and overused. This is, of course, why we suggest using your lighting fixtures to showcase your Valentines Day romantic spirit.   Let’s face it: Your fixtures are essentially blank canvases by which your seasonal spirit can be displayed! So dust the cob webs off of those mundane chandeliers, bathroom lights, ceiling lights, and lamp shades and lets start decorating!


      We chose a plain white shade for this example in order to showcase how effectively red, white, and clear colored crystals transform this fixture.  Because 99% of all lamp shades are manufactured with a wire/metal rim, they make the perfect lighting fixture by which to easily attach magnetic chandelier crystals and magnetic ornaments.  We used MagTrim®’s Red/White Magnetic Chandelier Garland in conjunction with the 30 mm Red Faceted Crystal Ball and the 40 mm Clear Heart.



         Yes we realize that not everyone human on this planet actually owns a chandelier, much less two, but there are still many homes in the USA that feature traditional chandeliers over the dining room table.  We love hanging smaller chandeliers in smaller living spaces, such as bedrooms, living rooms, and even bathrooms.  This adorable white chandelier took less than two minutes to dress up ( thank you magnets!). What's more, it took even less time to undress.  One of the many reasons why magnetic ornaments are so amazing is that they are not permanent!  This lovely little white fixture features MagTrim®'s Red Hearts and Red/White Chandelier Garland.





        The rustic, farmhouse style chandelier hangs in the living room of one our team members.  It is a gorgeous chandelier but as you can see, it really is a bit plain.  It was in dire need of some Valentines Day glam so we dressed it up with some "magnetic" charm.  This fixture features two styles that will be available in 2019 ( unfortunately they did not make the cut for our 2018 selection). However, the Red Hearts and Pink Hearts that comprise MagTrim®'s 2018 Valentines collection could easily be used to add the necessary romantic charm. The use of the Red/White Chandelier Garland gives this fixture an extra touch of sparkle.

















          Although candleholders do not constitute "traditional" lighting, they can still be used as a fixture by which L.E.D candles can be placed to set "the mood."  We love candleholders because most are constructed of wrought iron and they make wonderful canvases that can be used to display seasonal sparkle.  We kept this candleholder simple and used the following magnetic chandelier crystals: 40 mm Clear Crystal Heart in combination with the 30 mm Red Ball and the Red/White Magnetic Chandelier Garland.


           Wall sconces that are metal ( this one happens to be iron) can be easily dressed up with magnetic ornaments. We integrated a magnetic Clear Crystal Spear into this fixture just to give a touch of instant elegance. 



          We understand that this may be cheating just a bit but this metal cake stand was screaming to be decorated. We transformed this vintage cake stand in less than 30 seconds using MagTrim®'s Red Hearts and 2 inch Red Crystal Almonds.

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